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Class of 2019/ 2020 First Holy Communion and Confirmation Re-Scheduled Dates

The Parish of Killarney has releasaed the re-scheduled dates for the 2020 First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

First Holy Communion will take place in The Church of the Ressurrection on two separate dates with each class celebrating mass independently.

Ms. O'Brien's 2019/20 Class @ 10.30 on Saturday Sept 12th.

Ms. Maloney's 2019/20 Class @ 10.30 on Saturday Sept 19th

Ms. Fenton's 2019/2020 Class @ 12.30 on Saturday Sept 19th.

Attendance is limited to each child having five members of their family in the Church on the day.  This is to abide by Public Health Regulations.

Confirmation will take place in St. Mary's Cathedral on Saturday October 3rd.

Mr. O'Donoghue/Ms. Rattigan 2019/20 Mainstream Class @ 10am

Ms. A O'Carroll and Mr. T. Galvin 2019/20 Mainstream Class @ 1pm.

Pupils are asked to wear their Secondary School Uniforms for Confirmation and in line with Public Health Regulations attendance is limited to your child and three other family members or guests.

We wish all families involved every blessing and happiness.

Rory D'Arcy. 

Mainstream Classes 2020/2021


                                   MAINSTREAM CLASS TEACHERS 2020-21

                                   Classes going forward from 2019/20 are coloured green

                                                             NAI SUÍ

Ms. Sheila. Goulding                    Ms. Neasa. Ní Líonaird                         Ms. Mary O’ Donoghue


                                                             NAI SIN

Ms. Sheila. Curtin                               Ms. Lisa. Doona                              Ms.  Miriam. Dennehy                       

(Ms. Sheila Goulding’s Class )     (Mrs. M. O’Donghue’s Class)             (Marie Cassidy’s Class )           

                                                            1ST CLASS

Ms. Charlene Brosnan                 Ms. Christine Crehan                              Ms. Denise Fenton    

(Ms. S. Curtin’s Class)                 (Ms. L Doona’s Class)                             (Ms. Dennehy’s Class)


                                                           2ND CLASS

 Ms Louise O’Connor                        Ms. Stella Maloney                            Ms.  Leana. O’Brien                      

(Ms. C. Hegarty’s Class)                (Ms. C. Brosnan’s Class)                  (Louise O’Connor’s Class)                                                                                       

                                                           3RD CLASS

Ms Claire O’Mahony                          Ms.  Marion. Chute                                 Ms. Susan O’Neill                  

(Ms. S. Maloney’s Class)                (Ms. D. Fenton’s Class)                          (Ms. L. O’Brien’s Class)                                                                                                            

                                                                                  4th CLASS

Ms. Michelle Fairbrother                    Ms. Ciara O’Sullivan                                Mr. M. Gleeson.     

(Ms. Susan O’Neill  Class)           (Ms. Claire O’ Mahony’s Class)                (Ms. M. Chute’s Class)            

                                                             5TH CLASS

Mr B. Kealy                                          Ms. Julie O’Sullivan                                   Ms. M. Ryan.           

(Ms. M. Fairbrothers’s Class)             (Mr. Gleeson’s Class)                      (Ms. Ciara O’Sullivan’s Class)                                            

                                                                6th CLASS

Ms. Aoife O’Carroll                             Mr.  C. O’Muircheartaigh                        Ms. Joanne Culhane                       

(Mr. B. Kealy’s Class)                         (Ms. J. O’Sullivan’s Class).                      (Ms. Ryan’s Class)                                                                                                                                                         


SRTRC May 11th 2020

Hi All,

Thank you all so much for sending on your photos for Show Racism The Red Card Day on Monday May 11th.    We are absolutely delighted by the response and have put a small sample of your efforts on our Gallery above.   

Please click on the following link SRTRC from Ms. Terry. 

Parents Note 3rd May 2020


Dear Parents,

I found the beginning of this week difficult. The novelty of our present situation had certainly worn off and I yearned to return to normal.

Even things I’d usually enjoy started to annoy me. The morning run seemed boring and TV held no interest. Throughout this week I spoke to many teachers, parents and children experiencing the same sense of being fed-up. I found support and solace in finding out I wasn’t alone and as the week went on, that feeling of common purpose began to energise me again. We held our first Board of Management, 6th class assemblies and Parents Association Zoom meetings this week and they gave me a real boost. I also have the privilege of seeing some of the inspirational work taking place by parents, children and teachers and this certainly lifted my spirits.

The realisation I have come to is that we will all find this emergency difficult at some stage and that is perfectly natural. We should be easy on ourselves and find support. Fr. Niall’s great video last week on gratitude also helped and is really worth watching. If you or your child get fed-up, take a break, be kind to yourself and find energy in others. It is always darkest just before the dawn.

As we enter the month of May we should remember the Greeks, Romans and Celts all celebrated new beginnings, light and growth at this time of year.

The Greek god Maia (May) was the god of flowers and growth, the Celts burned fires on hilltops on Mayday to burn away the old and start afresh. This is why Bealtaine is the Irish for May – Béal Tine (the mouth of fire).

On  May Day our Taoiseach chose to offer a gradual plan to ease the current restrictions. It is longer that we had hoped. We will not return to school until at least September. They are small steps, but we are starting a new beginning. It will take time and we will grow into it. He did not light a fire on a hilltop, but he did signal a new phase, a new beginning. This offers hope. Our normality will slowly emerge.

The poet Seamus Heaney wrote in Beacons at Bealtaine.

“Move lips, move minds and make new meanings flare
Like ancient beacons signalling, peak to peak,
From middle sea to north sea, shining clear
As phoenix flame upon fionn uisce here.”.

This week and this month are a time of great hope. If we hold our resolve we will triumph. The darker days are behind us and we face the light of summer. The ancient peoples celebrated this and we should too. We ask Mary, our Mother, in this month to lead us on this revival.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Rory D’Arcy.

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