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Mainstream Class Teachers 2021/2022

Mainstream Class Teachers 2021-2022

Junior Infants;

Ms. Sheila Goulding, Ms. Neasa Ní Lionáird, Ms. Catherine Doyle

Senior Infants;

Ms. Sheila Curtin, Ms. Claire Riordan , Ms. Leana O'Brien,  

First Class;

Ms. Lynn Jones, Ms. Christine Hegarty, Ms. Denise Fenton, 

Second Class;

Ms. Stella Maloney, Ms. Louise O'Connor,  An Other

Third Class:

 Ms. Marion Chute, Ms. Claire O'Mahony, Ms. Susan O'Neill,

Fourth Class:

 Mr. Micheal Gleeson, Ms. Michelle Fairbrother, An Other,

Fifth Class,

Ms. Maria Ryan, Ms. Julie O'Sullivan, Mr. Brendan Kealy

Sixth Class;

Ms. Aoife O'Carroll, Ms. Charlene Brosnan, Mr. Anthony O'Donoghue


Parents Note 21st April 2021

Dear Parents,

Recently, most of us have had to spend more time in front of computer screens as we work, learn, shop, chat and play on-line.  Restrictions on our movements and gatherings have meant that technology has become a greater hub in our lives.

This is also true for our children.  During lockdown, Seesaw, Zoom and e-mail became part of our daily learning routine and it was a great help.  As Parents you engaged in supporting your child’s learning in a variety of new ways, many of which involved computers and on-line support.  These new ways of learning combined with the popularity of a range of on-line games have meant that our children have spent more time in front of screens.

As we return to school and the summer months lie ahead it is time to reassess how often and why we go on-line.  This is particularly true for our children.

Games like ‘Fortnite’, ‘Among Us’ and ‘Roblox’ are extremely popular.  Billions of euro has been spent by game developers making these games compelling and engaging. It is not surprising, therefore, that our children get locked into the gaming world, because that is exactly what these games are designed to do.

As parents we often face many dilemmas on how to regulate and restrict our children’s time spent on-line, but it is really important we do so.  Weekly, and across increasingly younger classes, I meet and talk to children and parents who have experienced problems on-line.  Whether it be strangers accessing games or chats or inappropriate content or hurtful or bad language being used, the internet can be a dangerous and unforgiving place for our children.

I ask that you talk  to your children about what they do on-line, make sure they access on-line only in a public area of the house.  In my experience a computer or phone access in a child’s bedroom is ill-advised  and can be dangerous.  Check your child’s search history and activity, know their passwords and avoid paying for unlimited data  on your child’s phone. 

We live in a beautiful place, and our town is blessed with all sorts of outdoor activities and sports clubs. Let’s all try and put away our tech and get outside!!!

Best wishes,

Rory D’Arcy

Parents Note 18thApril 2021


Dear Parents,

A week of great weather certainly lifted all our spirits last week as we returned to school. Our newly revamped Forest Area and Gazebo at the back of the school shone and glinted in the Spring sunshine. Little messages have been painted on secret rocks, new little fairy houses have appeared, the gazebo got a great makeover, wise wooden owls look down from the trees and a tiny family of stony ladybirds have appeared! Thanks to Olive, Katie, Dan, Shirley and all involved.

April is Autism Awareness Month and each of our classes will speak, in an age appropriate manner, about how we can celebrate neurodiversity – in other words how we all can think and look at things differently.

This short video Amazing Things Happen tells the story very well and is worth a look with your child:     


Each class teacher will be in touch with you this week by email or Seesaw to outline some of the important dates for the term ahead including Parent Teacher meetings, which will be taking place by phone. (Infant and First Classes from early May, with 2n -6th classes in late May/ early June).

We still don’t have any dates for rescheduled Confirmation or First Holy Communion, but I expect this will become clearer in the coming weeks as restrictions ease. Be assured as soon as we know we will be in touch.

Finally, as always, remember to stay safe and follow the health guidelines that will get us out the other side of this health crisis.

Regards and best wishes,

Rory D'Arcy

Parents Note 9th April 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the final school term. Our school re-opens on Monday, April 12th for the full school day. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school as we face into the Spring and Summer season.

Hope is in the air as we face into better times ahead. The prospect of better weather and increased vaccination means that we will soon get a chance to meet family and friends. However, for these next few weeks we must remain vigilant. To keep our school as safe as possible we must continue with the protocols and guidelines and if your child or any staff member is feeling unwell they should stay at home.

All our rooms in school are cleaned daily with regularly touched surfaces cleaned regularly throughout the day. Over the Easter holidays we carried out a deep clean  and erected a new outdoor covered space in the front courtyard of the school and we hope to hold class assemblies with the children in the coming fortnight.

Later this month we will be in touch regarding Parent-Teacher Meetings by phone and any updates on rescheduled dates for Confirmation and First Holy Communion, but for now let’s settle back to the routine and rhythm of the final term.

Best wishes to all for the term ahead.

Rory D’Arcy

Principal Teacher

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