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Principals Note March 23rd

Dear Parents,

These are strange and difficult times, times that will live long in our memories, times to mind each other.      

On this website under the heading Homework above, is a list of suggested work from your child’s class teacher for the coming week, but before reading it please consider some important advice;

Lots of us are felling stressed, overwhelmed and under pressure .  This assigned work is not meant to add to the pressure either on you or your children
This is not home-schooling. This is an unprecedented emergency.  Home schooling is a choice involving discussion and planning.  This is, at best, a type of distance learning.  None of us chose this.  We are all struggling – families and schools – to find a way to help our children.   We, as teachers and as a school are trying to learn on our feet and develop new ways to help you.
You do not have superhuman powers.  If you are still going out to work, if your family home is very busy or you are working from home, then cut yourself a break.   It will not be possible to get this work assigned here completed.   There are other ways to learn.  More fun and relaxing ways to engage.
Learning is not to be found only in work or textbooks.  Reading – let children read to you or you to them, regardless of their age.  Lego, cooking and playing outside, preparing projects or presentations for the whole family on topics they love – this is valuable learning.   If they are old enough let them work independently.   Keeping a diary and free writing are important.  Draw, paint, scribble, make things, play is the most important learning of all.   Perhaps write to your grandparents or interview them on skype.
Children are anxious and stressed.  Talk to them.  Explain that we will be OK.  They will never forget these times.  They need our care and love.   School work should not become a battleground for tension and stress.  We do not want our children to remember this time as that.  Care and Love are at the centre of what we do .  I attach two stories at the end of this note to help explain Covid 19 to Children.
Don’t worry about your child falling behind if they do not complete the work.  If they are reading, playing, helping you and outside they will be fine.    Get them away from screens for as long as you can, but use screens when you need to.  Children learn at different rates and have different strengths.  If a book or computer alone could teach a child there would be no need for schools.  We will return to school and when we do the experience and expertise of our teachers will ensure that all our children progress.
We miss school, I miss seeing the children, their fun and energy brightens my day.  I love the way they say “Good Morning Mr. D’Arcy” at three o’clock !!   I enjoy their company and I like helping them.   I am proud of our school and we will get through this.  We will learn new technologies, but they are just a help.  Our real strength will be in understanding and helping each other.  Remember to forward your email to your child’s class teacher as per last week’s text message. We will stay in touch.

 If I can help in any way please e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 087 7559237.

Finally, a special mention and thanks to all who continue to work outside the home to keep our country functioning especially in the medical profession.  We are indebted to you.

Mind yourself and mind each other.

RORY D’ARCY                           

My Children's School Books are in School - What should I do ?

Due to the sudden and ever changing nature of this current crisis many children did not take home all their school books. Once school closures were announced on March 12th we all rushed to make some provision for children to bring home some books but not all.
Now, as we face into an indeterminable amount of school closure, what can we do?

Firstly, don’t panic. All the main school book publishers have opened their websites to access their textbooks and resources on-line.

In our school the three publishers we use are Folens, Fallons and The Educational Company.

If you do not know which publisher applies to what textbook please refer to the booklists above on this website or just google the name of the book.

• To access Folens books go to www.folensonline.ie and register as a teacher and use the roll number Prim20

• To access Fallons books go to www.cjfallon.ie and register as a teacher, but use roll number 19512I

• To access The Educational Company go to www.edcolearning.ie register with username primaryedcobooks and password edco2020

These websites can be accessed from any device.

If you do not have your copies at home – don’t worry, just start a new one. We will sort that when you return to school.


If you cannot access the books on-line please text 0877559237 (Rory D’Arcy) to arrange a time to collect the text. Please note that this may not always be possible as movement may be restricted.

School books play a secondary role compared to our health and we must avoid gatherings where possible.

If you are further concerned or worried about this matter please contact me at the above number.

Regards and best wishes,

Rory D’Arcy

Important Note re School Work

 18th March 2020                           

                                   Important Note re. School Work
Dear Parents,
As we travel through this difficult time together we are planning how to best support your children at home.
We are very conscious that in planning work for our students there are many diverse and complex problems ahead.
Family situations vary greatly as some of our parents continue to work providing essential services outside the home, the range of access to technology and its usability is varied, our student's abilities require bespoke help, the high levels of anxiety and stress and the constantly changing nature of the crisis all make planning difficult. But, working together and sharing ideas we can put our best foot forward in supporting your children, our pupils.
We are working to plan school work for children at home. We will post class work for each class on our website www.stolivers.ie on Sunday evening.
You will receive an important text message or phone call from your child’s teacher in the coming days to get a contact email to allow future contact and support. We will then update you on our contact plans, supports, fun ideas, projects etc. through this email.
Please remember to balance the amount of work the children complete with fresh air, fun activities and relaxation. The assigned work is a guide and not intended to add a burden or stress to family life.
We are conscious of the varying supports required by families at this time and if we can help in any way please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0877559237.
Stay safe and mind each other.
Best wishes,
Rory D’Arcy



Important information


Dear Parents,

At this difficult time we send our best wishes to you all. These are exceptional times and the news is constantly evolving.

As you know, our school is closed until Monday, March 30th 2020.

We have not posted individual homework to date as simply filling in text books is not effective , supportive learning. We have, however, posted some suggested activities for younger and older children on the left hand column of our website under Latest News/Home Activities. They come on a grid to print and children colour in each box as they complete the task and are meant to be fun and interesting.

We have also posted some suggested reading and fun books for different age groups on this website also. (Latest News/Suggested Reading).

Why not also check out the hundreds of Quiz questions in the Pupil’s Section.

Over the coming weeks we will post some new learning suggestions to help engage the children and not place unnecessary extra burdens on the children or our parents. The Department have issued very helpful guidelines on how to explain to children about Covid-19, and are available at

Finally, Fr. Niall has forwarded an important note re. Masses on-line for your attention.

Stay safe and please note that if you wish to contact us my mobile number is 0877559237 and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Regards and best wishes,

Rory D’Arcy Tim Horgan.

A Message from Fr. Niall March 20th

Hi girls and boys, Fr Niall here! I hope ye are doing ok in this strange week. I'm writing this on Friday morning March 20th at the time when we should all have been together in the Church of the Resurrection- this would have been your Confirmation Day!
Just a few things.
Be assured that your Confirmation will go ahead when all this will be over - yes, you will be confirmed, and I look forward to that day!
Send a message or make a call to your sponsor just to say Hi and tell them of today, and ask them for their prayer for you.
Today was to have been a day of dressing up - may I suggest you saying at home that ye are all to dress up this evening for your evening meal, and enjoy the company of your family that you would be enjoying Confirmation day with.
Pray to the saint whose name you have chosen, and ask the help of the Holy Spirit for you, your family, your friends.
In times like this, people can be a bit funny, so let's mind one another, be patient with each other, look out for one another, help one another not just to get through the day but to enjoy the day!
Be assured of my prayer and Masses being offered for ye, and let us all pray for one another.
Chat soon, say hi to yer families for me,
Fr Niall

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