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Dear Parents,

At this difficult time we send our best wishes to you all. These are exceptional times and the news is constantly evolving.

As you know, our school is closed until Monday, March 30th 2020.

We have not posted individual homework to date as simply filling in text books is not effective , supportive learning. We have, however, posted some suggested activities for younger and older children on the left hand column of our website under Latest News/Home Activities. They come on a grid to print and children colour in each box as they complete the task and are meant to be fun and interesting.

We have also posted some suggested reading and fun books for different age groups on this website also. (Latest News/Suggested Reading).

Why not also check out the hundreds of Quiz questions in the Pupil’s Section.

Over the coming weeks we will post some new learning suggestions to help engage the children and not place unnecessary extra burdens on the children or our parents. The Department have issued very helpful guidelines on how to explain to children about Covid-19, and are available at

Finally, Fr. Niall has forwarded an important note re. Masses on-line for your attention.

Stay safe and please note that if you wish to contact us my mobile number is 0877559237 and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Regards and best wishes,

Rory D’Arcy Tim Horgan.

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