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 18th March 2020                           

                                   Important Note re. School Work
Dear Parents,
As we travel through this difficult time together we are planning how to best support your children at home.
We are very conscious that in planning work for our students there are many diverse and complex problems ahead.
Family situations vary greatly as some of our parents continue to work providing essential services outside the home, the range of access to technology and its usability is varied, our student's abilities require bespoke help, the high levels of anxiety and stress and the constantly changing nature of the crisis all make planning difficult. But, working together and sharing ideas we can put our best foot forward in supporting your children, our pupils.
We are working to plan school work for children at home. We will post class work for each class on our website www.stolivers.ie on Sunday evening.
You will receive an important text message or phone call from your child’s teacher in the coming days to get a contact email to allow future contact and support. We will then update you on our contact plans, supports, fun ideas, projects etc. through this email.
Please remember to balance the amount of work the children complete with fresh air, fun activities and relaxation. The assigned work is a guide and not intended to add a burden or stress to family life.
We are conscious of the varying supports required by families at this time and if we can help in any way please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0877559237.
Stay safe and mind each other.
Best wishes,
Rory D’Arcy



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