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Note to Parents re. Full Return to School on August 31st 2020.

Greetings all,

It was fantastic to see everyone this week.

Following our staggered returns last week, I hope that you and your child have an idea of your classroom location and where to go tomorrow morning. This note may be translated to over 50 languages by clicking ‘Select Language’ at the top right of this screen.

Our full return to school will be the largest movement of people in Killarney since March 12th 2020.  It will be extremely busy. We will rely on everyone giving themselves time and space to get to school.               


Traffic Safety.


Due to the changes in the number of children playing in each yard at break time, our children require more yard space free of cars. This means we have less car parking spaces and this will add to the daily traffic chaos around our school. School staff will be at the gates to welcome, help and guide people as they arrive. The Gardai will also be monitoring traffic throughout our return. Already, on Friday, we had a close call for a mother and two young children due to speeding outside our school. Slow down, park a distance from the school and walk. Take your time. Children too may be extra excited and/or nervous at this time and can make mistakes. I appeal to drivers to be patient, careful and respectful as we bring our children back to school.

What does my child need tomorrow?


  • Full Lunchbox.
  • Wear School Tracksuit.
  • Schoolbag with books stays in school, most pupils brought them last week.

What time does school finish?


Junior Infants 12 noon

Senior Infants  2 p.m.

All other classes 3 p.m.

I couldn’t make it last week and don’t know where to go.


Check what class your child is in and the coloured zone of their classroom (the school sent a text with this info). Follow the appropriate coloured arrows on the ground to the zone and a staff member will guide you from there. If you did not receive a text or are confused please text your query to 0877559237 today.

Can I enter the school yard?


Yes, Parents are welcome into the school yard. Please respect and maintain social distancing.  The yard will be busy in the mornings and afternoons. Face covering is advised but not mandatory in this outdoor setting. Visitors are also welcome to the school office.

However there is a strict staff and children only policy throughout the rest of the school and no adults other than staff are permitted within the school building. The purpose of which is to reduce the danger of infection.

If I can’t go in, how will we stay in touch with school?


Your child’s teacher will be in touch later this week by text to set up email contact. One of the difficulties we will face is trying to stay in touch and answer any queries you may have, so be sure and reply to the contact. This email contact will also form the basis for Seesaw App interaction throughout the year.

Make sure if you change your contact details (address, phone, email etc.) that you inform the school on 0646632047.

There is no doubt that face-face meetings have become more difficult to arrange, but we must find alternatives – email contact, phone, Zoom, Facetime, Video Calls etc will all have to be used as well as some personal meetings.

If you are worried please also contact the school office at 0877559237 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Word of thanks.


A word of thanks to all who have helped us prepare for tomorrow’s return. To you, our parents and families for your co-operation, encouragement and support. To our staff for their hard work preparing their classrooms, advising and support our management team and leading our safety protocols to fight this virus. Finally, huge thanks to Tim, Hannah Mary, Aileen and Dan who have moved mountains.

See you in the morning,

Rory D’Arcy

Principal Teacher.

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