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Arboretum Jan to June

Our Arboretum has flurished in the past few months.  Lots of changes have taken place and these can be seen and enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Please visit out Gallery to see all the wonderful g(r)owings on there.


At  the end of every month a picture representation of the Arboretum will be posted on the Gallery section of our web site and also below.  Look for Arboretum Jan., Feb etc.to follow the growth/changes taking place. Information and commentary will be available here for you to enjoy.  The trees are bare except for the evergreen Spruce and Holly. The Willow Bower is almost ready to cut to make spindles.  A Willow Fence will be grown next to the Chicken Run (planting at the end of February).  There are very few buds growing on the branches as yet.  Some Daffodils have reluctantly appeared but  Winter remains dominant in our woodland.

View Photos: January

The Sensory Garden

We are currently prepairing our Sensory planting beds for the New Year.  We will be planting a wide variety of sensory plants, ie taste, smell, in the coming season .  Any person who wishes to contribute is welcome with open arms !!  Advice, encouragement, tools, plants etc,   please, please, please.

We are also currently attending to our Willow Bower (rear of Timber Shed).  Hopefully this will grow into a completely contained Bower in the next few years.

We have a roped and stepped walkway through the Arboretum for you to enjoy.  We have a Sanctuary Seat for you to sit , relax and unwind at the bottom of our grove.  We will be planting a Woodbine Arch to cover this area with fragrant perfume to enable you relax even more , in peaceful surroundings.    All the trees are named to help you get more pleasure out of your experience.

The Ogham Stone

In ancient Ireland Ogham Alphabet was based upon the names of trees. (click on this link to see the alphabet).  There were 20 native trees.  20 characters in the Ogham Alphabet.   Please examine our ogham stone.  The words/letters name our school in Irish.   It must be read as you climb a tree, ie  from the bottom up.  Both sides of the right angle (Scoil Oilibheir Naofa).  See the useful links page for www.megalithicireland.com/oghamstones.

What is the Arboretom

The Arboretum contains many of the original native Irish trees , as described by Coillte, 20 in all.   We will be planting an Arbutus and a Yew tree in the growing season.  A pictorial record of the 4 seasons growth will be uploaded on the last Friday of every month during the year .  Last years photos will also be available for you to compare.

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