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Changemaker Schools

Changemaker Schools April 2022


St Oliver’s was nominated as a Changemaker School in 2014.

In September 2020 Dublin City University took over the Changemaker Schools Programme – ‘Developing A Community of Practice.’

The Programme is now co-ordinated in 19 schools nationally and examines innovation and shares best practice. Being part of the DCU changemaker network allows us to connect with other schools and to share best practices with others.

What is a Changemaker?

  • A Changemaker is someone with the skills and confidence to lead change in their home, school and community.
  • A Changemaker is a social innovator- someone who is taking creative action to solve a social problem.
  • Changemaking is transforming your world however big or small.
  • Changemakers practice and live the values of empathy, creativity, leadership and teamwork.

Why are we a Changemaker School?

We are very proud to be part of the DCU Changemaker network. Our aim in St. Oliver’s is to help all our children become Changemakers!

Based on the four ‘Changemaker Pillars’ of Empathy, Creativity, Teamwork and Leadership, our school seeks to weave these values through the daily lives of the children in our school. 

Because of our involvement with the DCU Changemaker network we have been lucky enough to partake in a number of programmes and initiatives at class and whole school level to support this work throughout the school year, for example the FUSE programme and  the Young Social Innovators. These programmes harness the ability of young people to make a real difference in the world in which they live.

How can I be a Changemaker?

‘I can be a Changemaker at school by including everyone in my game’.

‘I can be a Changemaker at home by helping my sister with her homework’.


Changemaker Schools 2020

St. Oliver's National School is one of 15 Irish primary Changemaker Schools in the DCU Changemaker Schools Network.

The DCU Changemaker Schools Network is a community of practice and focused on sharing best practice in the areas of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. 

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