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Comenius Project

Here is a lovely recipe for your Christmas Pudding, hope you enjoy.

Guinness and Irish Whiskey Christmas Pudding


100g Butter

1 Lemon Rind

100g Brown Sugar

2 Eggs

50g Flaked Almonds

75 g Carrots

75g Apple (grated)

500g Mixed Fruit

50g Fresh Breadcrumbs

150g Plain Flour

1 Table Spoon Mixed Spice

1 Table Spoon Cinnamon

7 floz Guinness

2 Table Spoon Irish Whiskey

2 Table Spoon Golden Syrup.


  1. Mix all dry ingredients together
  2. Mix with Irish Whiskey and half of Guinness and leave to rest
  3. Beat butter and lemon rind
  4. Add sugar, eggs and the rest of the Guinness
  5. Mix all together
  6. Put in the bowl and cover.
  7. Steam for 5 hours.

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