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March /April 2016

Homes around the world

Fair Trade

Geography projects Trade miles

Emigration from Ireland -Farewell

Discussion on convicts sent to Australia-unfair conditions/links to present day situations

Discussion of Syrian crisis-movement of peoples across borders ,conditions of camps.

Mini project on the countries of the EU similarities differences

Study on British Isles

Industrial revolution as a social revolution

Different religious beliefs and customs

Learning about The Silk Road

Afghanistan A Study on life there.

Positive profiles

Being unique-names/talents.

Buddy box .Buddy of the week.

How we’ve changed .Personal timelines and events.

History of Northern Ireland

1916 Projects

Women in the 1916 Rising

Living conditions in Ireland 1916..tenement living

Pride in our history-100 years

Our Proclamations- A view towards creating a better Ireland.

Proclamation Day March 15th

Seachtain na Gaeilge,danta,amhran,taispeantas ag baint le cultur Gaelach

Identifying Irish traditional instruments. Exploration of musical heritage across the children’s cultures.

Preparations for St Patrick’s Day Parade. The theme Ireland Past Present Future. The children’s interpretation- Skellig Michael, the flora and fauna of the island, monks, beehive huts camera crew, star wars characters. Please see photos of St Patrick’s Day.

Winners of the most imaginative interpretation of the theme for St Patrick’s Day. Congratulations to Ms O Carroll, Margaret Ahlert ,Eileen O Mahoney, Felix Power, the 6th class pupils who participated and all other staff who volunteered.

Yellow Flag art entries Snr Inf-1st.

SRTRC art entries Snr Inf-1st.

Preparations for our trip to Dublin for Yellow Flag award ceremony.

I.M.A.D preparations. A huge variety of events were organised .

Drama ,Indian Puppetry, Circus skills ,Drumming, Art, Potuguese felt pictures, Clay creations based on a Russian fairy story, Yoga, Tai-chi, Irish stories, Irish set dancing, Creative dance and movement, Zumba, Animation design, Music of Africa, Instruments in big bands -The Glen Eagle Band, Chinese culture, dance and the art of Chinese paper cutting, A trip to Nepal as a volunteer, Stories of travels across the globe and encounters with indigenous tribes , Traveller culture and traditions-The art of Bib/tin/flower making, Games from around the world based on the countries of the new families living in Killarney /Challenging stereotype...Don’t judge the book by it’s cover, The art and craft of film making.please look at IMAD gallery 2016 for all the spectacular pictures.

Show and Tell. A day where the children dressed in traditional costumes. In class and at assemblies throughout the day they presented dances,explained the costumes/traditions/cultures/flags/books/food

/artefacts/toys from both here and other countries that they had brought.

A wonderful array of photos are included in the IMAD folder of photos

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