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Junior Infants

Mrs   Goulding.

Sing,dance ,play and learn with children of other cultures.

Ms. Cassidy.

Circle of friends.

Ms O McCarthy.

We discussed how we are all different and unique with regard to fingerprints, hair, colour, eyes, skin, colour,
heights, families, names, country our parents were born in etc. We discussed
how a referee can give a player a red card if someone is not playing fairly or
is saying nasty words/being mean during a game.

We looked at Jeff the Ref’s red card. We  decided we are also allowed to put up our own hands and say-------STOP---- walk
away and tell an adult in charge if someone is mocking/or saying nasty words to
us for any reason. We discussed times in our own classroom that we may have
hurt others without realising it just because someone might look/sound or
behave differently to what we are used to.

We learnt about Easter in Poland with Sylvia one of our mums from Poland. With her help we learnt how to prepare and decorate eggs.

Ms Goulding. Senior Infants.

We are all the same on the inside. The children drew and decorated their handprints...WE all have
the same shaped hand but as different decorations show we are all unique.

Ms Crowley.

Individual art entry for the YF competition.

Pictures  that show friendship across cultures and religion.

Ms. Dennehy.

Art entry YF- ‘There’s no room for meanies in our tank’


Discussion/ preparation for YF &  SRTRC competition.

Anti  racism week. Further discussion on racism .

3rd Ms C O Sullivan. Ms  N Downey.

Art competition. Children drew  pictures and came up with their own slogans around the themes of diversity
and equality.

Anti racism week.

Discussion..art work ‘The hand of friendship has no colour’.

Ms K Sheerin.

YF art competition;

Discussed what YF means-brainstormed  slogans/buzzwords linked with YF. Looked at and responded to previous entries.
Designed our own poster for the competition.

Anti racism day. Explored  quote ‘A kite rises highest against the wind’ link to being courageous
in standing up to racism.

Designed stained glass kite for class display.

4th Ms C O Sullivan.

Art competition for YF .

Discussion diversity, inclusion, Anti racism.

Children give opinions on the meanings of each word. View slogans / pictures on powerpoint.

Children create own slogans and pictures.

Anti racism week. Discussion on racism.  Create classroom display ‘we may all be different fish but in this class we
swim together’

Ms Jones./Mr Gleeson

Art competition for YF

Anti racism assembly. Show racism the red card class discussion. Its ok to be different slogans.

Ms McGough

YF art comp. We may have different roots but we all grow the same.!

Anti racism assembly.

Show racism the red card.

Never use ‘racist’ and ‘but ‘in the same  sentence.

Let’s all play together.

Music ‘Count on me ‘ Bruno Mars

5th 6th.

Mr N O Sullivan.

Art competition based on the themes of the YF.

Circle time incorporating inclusivity teamwork and equal parts in discussion etc, learning to work together in

Drama  lesson based on different people’s perspectives. How one’s background
can influence you throughout your life i.e beliefs, attitudes etc.

Mr O Muircheartaigh.

Art project on YF.

Exploring appropriate slogans.

Using the internet to look at antiracism and diversity art.

Reading of poems to do with anti racism and diversity.

Oral language / art language of diversity , what sort of
images relate to diversity in today’s world.

Mr Galvin.

Continuation of confirmation theme relating to respect.

Gardening –promoting teamwork, listening to each other’s ideas working in harmony.

Reinforcement of themes of YF

A look at Easter customs in other countries. One of our parents from Poland shared stories about
traditions in Poland for Easter and with her help we joined with junior infants
to decorate eggs in traditional polish style.




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