Work on ‘We are like a box of crayons each one of us is unique but when we get together the picture is complete. Large display outside entrance to playschool.

Junior Infants

  • Working together/ag obair le cheile.
  • ‘We have friends from many countries’.
  • ‘St Oliver’s United’


  • We are all alike, we are all different, we are all friends.
  • Its a small world after all.
  • We are all part of the same team.

1st/2nd Classes

We discussed all the different countries that we have visited on holidays. Then we spoke about where our parents were born. Some parents were born in Ireland and some were born in different countries. We found these places on a map. We also looked at the flags of these countries . A worksheet was completed based on these activities.

We wrote individual poems based on the title all about me (our name, age, where we were born, our nationality, where our parents were born.)

We drew a picture of ourselves holding a flag saying hello in our parents’ languages. We completed a folder of these. We looked at, discussed and made flags of each relevant country. We discussed being alike, different-all being equal. We used words like welcome, included, respect, accept, unite, harmony, value, special, belong, friends, caring, sharing, linked, team, together, friends. We used the 4 key colours featured in the Change maker schools initiative to create a Hands Across the Nations display. We individually wrote our names, coloured in hands, chose a key word and linked together the hands in groups of 4.

We wrote about each country the capital, population, language and currency.

We learned about each others backgrounds, countries, languages etc. Children interviewed their parents about life when they were children, the languages they spoke, the games they spoke, the games they played, along with their customs and traditions.

The children each wrote a piece of information about themselves either as Gaeilge or in the language of their parents. They coloured pictures and drew flags. Each country, name and language or a family is displayed in our Yellow Flag corner. They designed and decorated their own names to highlight the individual and displayed them all together with a rainbow of flags to show as we live as one. We have a class flag on our door showing the colours of our class groups.

We discussed the different backgrounds of the children in the class i.e where they were born, where their parents were born. We discussed the countries (weather, location, culture and compared them to Ireland.) Children were invited to bring in things associated with their country. Some brought in money, a scrapbook, photographs, flags and so on. We made a display in our classroom celebrating the diversity in our class. We wrote individual pieces entitled ‘All about me’(age, where we were born, where our parents were born, nationality). We drew pictures of ourselves and displayed them in the Yellow Flag display.

This month we discussed diversity in the world in S P H E . We focused on everyone being unique-different colour hair, eyes, skin. The children created templates of themselves in art-which we displayed under the title’ we are all unique’. The children completed an all about me sheet focusing on where their parents were from, their nationality, where they were born and their home country flag. Finally we celebrated Martin Luther King Day on January 19th. We viewed a PowerPoint and YouTube clip aboutMartin Luther King’s life - we focused on his fight for equality. We completed mini individual projects about Martin Luther King. All the work we completed is on display in our classroom.

In geography the children talked about where their parents were born/where their parents are from. They wrote about themselves ‘All about me’.

In art /geo the children made a collage using yellow card.

In music they sang the song ‘Being Connected’.

We discussed all the different countries we are from and where our parents are from. We discussed traditions associated with each country and how to say hello. We looked at the flags from each country. We filled out an ‘All about me ‘ sheet and displayed it in our yellow flag corner. We sang the song ‘Connected’. We displayed the flags and hello in different languages in the YF corner.

3rd Class

  • Different but the same. Artwork
  • Together we are a masterpiece. Artwork.
  • Crayons unique but work together to make a picture. Artwork.
  • Fish tank. All the same - swim together. Artwork.
  • Flags of nationalities display.
  • A display on our class diversity.

Our flags
Yellow Flag Corner - Language of the month - Polish. Claudia taught us a few polish words.
Mind map of what Yellow Flag means to us.

International food tasting. Foods from Spain, Bangladesh, Germany, Sth Africa, U.K, Ireland, U.S.A. Children brought in a variety of foods and presented them to the class.

5th Class

  • Yellow Flag Corner- made yellow flags that describe who we are and where we have come from - different backgrounds/countries etc
  • Geography project on G.B – linking with the YF. Pupils did projects on Scotland, England, Wales and Nth. Ireland.
  • Language of the month. Russian.
  • Daniel and Maksims are teaching us two words a day.
  • Project on ‘Women who made a difference’
  • Written reflections on what was learned during KASI visit.
  • Brainstorming – Creation of captions for the word diversity.
  • Art: Coloured horseshoes for decoration of YF corner.
  • January: Established YF corner in classroom.
  • Displayed no’s 1-10 in Polish.
  • January: Wrote and displayed poems on diversity.
  • Wrote letters to people in community explaining our schools’ involvement in the YF programme.
  • February: Currently studying Nelson Mandela linking to racism and equality of opportunity.
  • Children have completed projects on Scotland, America, Morocco, Lithuania, Poland and Australia.

6th Class

  • The flags of different nationalities in class displayed.
  • The pupils completed acrostic poems on diversity.
  • The various traditions of different countries were discussed and written about in class.
  • Whole class discussion on the concept of the YF.
  • Prominent illustrations throughout the class displaying the concepts of the YF.
  • Denoted YF area.
  • Projects on feasts and festivals from the diverse countries the children are from/heritage
  • Flags displayed on classroom door entrance.
  • Artwork-symbols of the different countries children come from.
  • Oral language work on concept of YF.
  • Posters displayed against racism the promotion of equality and diversity emphasised.
  • Drama on inclusion.
  • Denoted YF area.
  • Flags displayed at entrance of classroom of the classes nationalities.
  • Children’s acrostic diversity poetry is displayed on YF corner.
  • Whole class discussion on Diversity and concept of YF.
  • Concept of an inclusive school explored and discussed.
  • Denoted YF corner.
  • YF displays resource/special/support/EAL classes.