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September & October Diary;

Yellow Flag Diary.

September- October. 2015.

This term began with the wonderful news from The Irish Traveller Movement that St. Oliver’s successfully achieved its Yellow Flag.

The letter and the feedback from the assessment team was shared with our staff, students, parents, Board of Mgt. and community groups who had supported our work during the last twelve months. The letter and feedback are on the Yellow Flag notice board.

The YF committee are looking forward to the award ceremony in Dublin Castle next January.!!

This year we are continuing with the programme. We will endeavour to work towards being as intercultural and as inclusive as possible. We are presently putting together this year’s action plan which when finished will be on display on the YF notice board. Suggestions/ideas will be welcome.

The YF committee have met both in September and October. The pupil membership will broaden to include more students this year from our 5th classes, parents and teachers. 

The members of KASI carried out two fund raising activities in the school in September. The staff parents and extended community partook in food tasting from around the world and very much enjoyed a cookery demonstration by Marilyn. Money raised went towards the Syrian Refugee Crisis and Medicines Sans Frontiers. We would like to congratulate KASI for all their hard work particularly in raising all of our awareness regarding the Refugee crisis.

Our Yellow Flag corners are continuing this year. The focus for this term is on the diversity and richness of the languages we speak in our classes and throughout the school.

This year the children and their families come from 44 countries across the world.

In September some of the parents in the YF committee came to tell our senior classes all about Eid. We were delighted to sample so many of the various and delicious foods.! 

The Gael Bhratach is focusing on basic phrases in Irish. Throughout the school the doors are covered with minions using Irish greetings !

The year ahead is a celebration of our history of the last 100 years. Receiving the Tricolour and listening to the Proclamation of Independence was an inspiring ceremony where our pupils and
families from across the world demonstrated a very rich and diverse Ireland and
student body heading into 2016.!






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