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folder Policies & Booklets

The following are booklets and policies that parents may find useful. You can click on the links below to either view or download these.

document Anti Bullying Policy (285 downloads)
document Attendance Policy (127 downloads)
pdf Child Protection Procedures (224 downloads)
pdf Children First: (182 downloads)
pdf Computer Usage Policy (360 downloads)
document Enrolment Policy 2017 (74 downloads)
document Healthy Eating Policy (290 downloads)
pdf Information for Parents of Infants (393 downloads)
pdf New Mass Wording 2011 (307 downloads)
pdf Parents and Maths (336 downloads)
document Parents Booklet (552 downloads)
document Relationship and Sexual Education (94 downloads)
spreadsheet St Oliver's N.S.Student Survey Yellow Flag (315 downloads)
pdf St Olivers Preschool Medication Policy (570 downloads)
pdf St. Oliver's Pre-School Handbook 2016 2017 (227 downloads)
pdf St. Oliver's Preschool Behaviour Management Policy (458 downloads)
pdf St. Olivers Preschool Enrolment Policy (1026 downloads)
spreadsheet St.Olivers Parents Survey Yellow Flag (311 downloads)
pdf Standard Test Score Information for Parents (330 downloads)
pdf Stay Safe Parents Guide (323 downloads)

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